Virtual Flex Fuel Sensor
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Författare:  aryan [ tis 09-09-01 13:47 ]
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GM has developed a Virtual Flex Fuel Sensor (V-FFS) software program that calculates the ethanol content in the fuel, instead of using a sensor to measure it. When the fuel level in the tank increases as the vehicle is refueled, the computer recalculates the percentage of ethanol in the fuel and automatically changes the air/fuel ratio. To do this, the computer temporarily stops the operation of other emission systems and monitors the oxygen sensors to determine ethanol content. The test is done several times until calculations remain stable. This can take several minutes when the engine is idling, but much less time at higher fuel flow rates.

Författare:  J.K Nilsson [ ons 09-09-02 17:40 ]

Låter som SAAB Trionic T7... :lol:

J.K Nilsson

Författare:  torbjorn [ ons 09-09-02 19:56 ]

Eller alla FFV-implementeringar av Ford EEC-V som är nyare än Taurus '96.

Författare:  aryan [ ons 09-09-02 20:39 ]

Hittade en Taurus fuel sensor på skroten som jag beställde, allt för vetenskapen :-)


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