Block heaters (like Webasto) on E85
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Författare:  Obormot [ fre 09-11-27 14:01 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Block heaters (like Webasto) on E85


How good fuel block preheaters (like Webasto), designed for gasoline, works on E85?

Any problems with starting of those heaters?

Is any adjustment needed?

PS i asking becouse some of my friends have already installed preheaters.

in winter their cars standing on the open air, and at morning they start preheater by remote control or by timer, 10-15 min before go from home, so they come to warmed car and start already warm engine.

i think main purpose of that preheater is warming car interior :)

fuel for preheater taking from main fuel tank.

Thank you!

Författare:  aryan [ fre 09-11-27 23:53 ]

They work well without any changes on E85, I'm not sure about E100 bu that would be interesting to know!


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