New piggy-back device with lambda and lean burn mode
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Författare:  Obormot [ tor 10-02-25 18:17 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  New piggy-back device with lambda and lean burn mode


i plan to produce new type of pigy-back device with connection to lambda sensor. for automatic fuel selection and lean burn mode.

where can i read about working ethanol lean-burn solutions?

Författare:  askilje [ tor 10-02-25 21:04 ]

interesting! how lean fuel mixture are you planning to have? and how much do you estimate to save on the lean burn mode?

Författare:  Obormot [ tor 10-02-25 22:06 ]

i will do more experiments with lean mixtures, but now i can see that i can get ethanol consumption about +5...+10% to gasoline consumption.

i get some data about ethanol laminar burning speed and hope that will not be danger to burn output valves.

i plan to modify signal from lambda sensor to obtain lean mixture instead stoich.

and piggyback device will use signal from lambda sensor for automatical fuel selection.

Författare:  karlmb [ ons 10-03-17 23:24 ]

Thats the spirit, Obormot!
The problem with lean burn is that when going lean, the burning speed will decrease, so U should advance the ignition timing for best economy.
With a piggyback I see big problems fixing that, otherwise I like Ur idea.

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