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I have gotten a letter from France.

Maybe someone here can help me with which and where to buy a piggyback-system in France or maybe some other sollution.

I have pasted the chain of letters if you are interested to read, and maybe come with other views .
Hi again

I think I better post a thread in the forum, it´s a really good forum with much experience among the members.
Me myself don´t have much experience in putting in a kit, I have tested a "Flextek", the cold-start funktion don´t work with my Xsara.
I have read that many are sattisfied with the automatic AutoFFV, so its probably the best choice.

The extra fuelconsumption is pretty exactly 35% with only E85.

The problems with starting the engine is when it´s cold, as in the morning or after work, with temperatures around 15 degrees it started on the second or third time, cranking for about 5 sec. each time. With colder temperatures it gets much worse.
One thing to do is to connect an extra resistor in series with the engine-tempsensor, with a button to unconnect it when started. It fools the ECU to richen up extra for the cold-start.
Hi Jan thanks a lot for your fast answer

As u said u need to change the fuel system after 1000km because the E85 in some way clean up the can and u find the pollution in the filter. But normally after u don t need to do it.

What is the % of extra fuel-consumption?

-"One other problem is difficults to start the engine"_____in the morning? in the cold? what temperature? can be a problem if u cant start the engine least u save a lot of fuel...;-)

-" a kit will likely include a sollution for this, but there is home-sollutions as well" what is the home solution? do u need to be a mecanic expertwhich i m not!... which kit do u recommend? Do u recommend automatic or manual kit

thnks again for your advices! here we start the bioXSARA international club...

bye Fabrice


It´s nice to see other people interested in this.

I am sorry but I think the engines or at least ECU that controlles the engine may be slightly different, I have a model 2003.
But in general most modern cars will accept a blend up to about 50/50% E85/gasoline.

My Xsara light up the enginelight when the blend is at 45% E85 or greater, but the diagnostic-code only says that car runs lean which is a normal warning that something may be wrong. Despite this I can blend even more, car runs good att up to 100% E85, and the fuel-system compensates with higher fuel-consumption as a result.

I also have connected a laptop to the OBD-II interface, and get the O2-sensor monitor, it tells me that all is good.

This is how my experience is, but I dont know if your car will accept E85 in the same way.

There is also a risk to clog the fuel-filter, I have changed it a couple times just to be on the safe side.

Hi i would greatly appreciate your help:

I just read the test about different car for the bioethanol but it s in swedish.... and i dont understand much... I speak english which is not so bad for a french guy...;-)

Can u explain what was the result u find for your xsara?

I have a xsara exclusive 1.6 model 2000. Do i really need a kit or can do witout it to go with bioethanol?

thanks a lot for your help

Bye Fabrice Gropaiz

Chrysler Town & Country 3,6 flexifuel -13
Citroen C5 Kombi -05, 16500 mil blandtankas, såld.
Citroen Xsara 1,6 SX Automat -03, 8000 -18000 mil på E85 i min ägo, såld till brorsan.
Kör ibland lågmilad Acura Legend -92

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