are different qualities on E85 ?
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Författare:  Volvo-Berti [ sön 08-05-04 16:45 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  are different qualities on E85 ?

my question bases on experiences of different drivers, who have a higher consumption and more starting problems when they fill in E85 made of wood, like some scandinavian countries do.

i guess some companies in Germany get the E85 in Finland, and others only sell E85 made of wheat or sugar beets, which is the way to produce it in Germany.

as far as i know, some of you have been in Germany and drove on german E85, right?
what are your experiences, can you support my belief?

what can be the reason for that? is the "wooden" ethanol not waterfree? Ethanol produced for E85 must be waterfree, <0.5% water.

Författare:  torbjorn [ sön 08-05-04 19:40 ]

Some years ago, there were occasional problems in Sweden when gas stations got their underground tanks contaminated by water (at periods of heavy raining or at thawing in spring). Although the underground tanks are usually fitted with water alarm devices, it turned out that some of those don't work properly when the tank is filled with E85.

All ethanol for E85, regardless of the raw material used, goes through similar distilling and refinement processes, and it has to be water free at the moment of mixing with gasoline.

Författare:  Anders [ mån 08-05-05 19:54 ]

All ethanol that is sold in Europe has almost the same specifications, regardless of origin. Some specifications demands lower levels on some substances but that is not necessary, and any way it doesn´t affect the amount of energy it contains.

Författare:  Volvo-Berti [ mån 08-05-05 21:15 ]

yeah, it has to be waterfree before mixing it with gasoline, but is this allways guarantied?
mixing petrol with an ethanol containing up to 5 or 6% water is no problem, and there is no separation.
and everey small part of water in ethanol let rise the win of the producers.

so, who controls the ethanol producing companies or the blenders? do you know that? in Germany there are some administration instances, but do they have really a knowledge about E85? i guess they don't....

here in my hometown the station sells E85, but the first blend of E85 was made by them filling in ethanol and adding petrol to the tank. at last the real mixture was higher than E85, almost E88-90.

an user in the german forum has massive probs while driving e85 from a station nearby. the second station he uses seems to sell an other mix, there he has no probs with starting or anything else.

and both stations declare their mix as there MUST be a difference, and i think its the water.

Författare:  Anders [ mån 08-05-05 21:52 ]

When selleing ethanol to Germeny, for instance, the selling company contracts a testing company( a company like these and the purschaser accepts that. The testing company takes severel samples on the boat and anylise it. The anylise is compared wiht agreed specificition and boat cleared for leaving.

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