VW Golf 4 1.6 with E85?
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Författare:  Cthulhu [ lör 08-05-10 10:39 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  VW Golf 4 1.6 with E85?


I just moved to Sweden very recently, and couldn't help but notice the availiablility of E85 fuel here. I have been trying to read alot about ethanol, but no matter how much I read, somehow there doesn't really seem to be a clear answer if E85 will somehow break parts of my car. I have a VW Golf 4 with a 1.6 litre engine with 75kW built in July 2003.
So I am wondering, are there any problems known with E85 and this car? Will it work even without using a system like AutoFFV, or would it be better to use it?
I guess I will have to experiment myself too, but I really want to make sure that there aren't any parts that are not resistant to ethanol.

Tack :)

Författare:  torbjorn [ lör 08-05-10 17:55 ]

You don't need to bother about any parts' resistence to ethanol, that is no problem at all in practice.
Unless your car is equipped with a "FSI" engine, you will not encounter any large problems.
Piggyback systems, Flexitune Sequential and similar ones, are known to work very well on Audi A3, Skoda Octavia and other VAG cars fitted with what probably is the same 1,6 l engine that your Golf has.

Författare:  Cthulhu [ lör 08-05-10 19:58 ]

Thanks for your answer.

Yeah, the engines should be the same. Is it recommended to install one of those Piggyback systems, or does the car run fine on E85 without it? 89€ isn't really expensive though, but still, if it's not needed, that would be all the better.

Författare:  torbjorn [ lör 08-05-10 23:17 ]

A '2003 Audi A3 which i converted half a year ago, did not run well on E85 before the conversion. 30 % E85 in the gasoline was no problem, but at 50 % it illuminated the engine malfunction lamp and had problems with unstable idle (hunting).

The only remarkable problem after the conversion is that the engine is somewhat weak and does not have so good accelerator response during the first minute after a cold start. But as soon as it begins to get warm, it runs perfectly.

Författare:  Cthulhu [ sön 08-05-11 00:06 ]

Okay, that does sound quite good then, acceleration when the engine is cold isn't too important anyway, as you shouldn't rev the engine or accelerate very quickly when it is cold anyway.

89€ for the conversion system should have been paid for after 5-6 complete fillings of E85 if i'm not mistaken, so that is definitly worth trying then.

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