Carina e 107hp
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Författare:  davegriebel [ tis 08-07-08 21:47 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Carina e 107hp

hello everybody,
has anyone here built then flexitune into the carina 1,8?

How does it work, how much does the fuel consumption increases?

And does anyone know, which flexitune i need

thanks for all,


Författare:  torbjorn [ tis 08-07-08 22:27 ]

What model year is it? And do you know the engine type designation? Typically, Toyota engines have a designation like 3S-FE, 4A-FE and so on.

Författare:  davegriebel [ tis 08-07-08 22:31 ]

it is a 1995
Engine-Code is 7A-FE

Författare:  magnul [ tis 08-07-08 22:42 ]

The engine appears to have injectors firing in two banks.
As it is a semi-sequential system I presume you need a FT sequential. You should double check whether the information given above is correct and see what torbjorn has to say about it.

Författare:  davegriebel [ ons 08-07-09 12:38 ]

Ok, i'll wait for his answer, but i thinks also i need the sequential

thanks for that

Författare:  torbjorn [ ons 08-07-09 13:04 ]

The only Toyota injection system i have dealt with was on a 3S-FE engine from 1987-88. And that is, as mentioned in magnul's link, a system where all injectors are connected in parallel. Although the wiring in the car is laid out so that the injectors are connected in two groups, each supplied by a separate pin in the ECU's connector, both those pins are interconnected inside the ECU and controlled from one single power transistor.

So it is quite probable that a Toyota from 1995 has the injectors connected in at least two independent groups.

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