B5202 conversion with bigger injectors
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Författare:  E85855 [ tis 08-09-23 08:49 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  B5202 conversion with bigger injectors


i'm from Germany. I want to drive with e85 and i'm thinking about using bigger injectors. My engine is the 2.0 liter with 10 V.

The motorcode is B5202. The injectors have 150 cm3/min capacity. They are from Bendix. The number i don't remember. Now i want to change to e85. I wonder wheter the injectors from the B5204/B5234 T by Bosch, Number: 0280 150 785, 232 cm3/min capacity will fit and let the engine work with e85?

Has anybody experience with exact this conversion.

Because of the Fenix electronic and so. Okay i am a little bit scared that i'm killing my volvo. Is it just plug and play? Can you please tell me, how much ethanol or e85 is minimum and maximum (summer/winter) ?

Please help me.

Thank a lot!


Författare:  karlmb [ tis 08-09-23 11:38 ]

Welcome, to your new car-life!
You will most sureley get a confirmation here any hour that you could use those injectors from an electrical point of view.
But they are probably a bit too large for you engine.
Too large injectors will lead to very short injectiontimes at idle, and maybe also give you fault codes and even adaptation problems.
Ideal would be some 30-40% larger flow, not as muich as your proposed 55%.
Up and down there is a software limit on how much the ECU is allowed to adapt due to changes in the fuelsystem such as clogged fuelfilter or such, depending on the ideas of the manufacturer of the engine.
If the system reach that limit, (often +-20% fuel amonut), the system will put an error code, and refuse to adapt further.
In your case this might lead to an too rich running engine and an overheated catalyst.
So I think you should try to find injectors of more the right size.
Only + 20% larger injectors wold do fine since the adaptation could then take care of the rest.
(Would also give a better possibility to go back to petrol if ever needed, real flexifuel!)
Regarding winter driving, many here are doing fine with 100% E85 (if availble) also during wintertime.
No problems at all if you have a eningeheater for the coldstarts.
If not, you can mount a extra resistance in series with the tempurature sensor of the coolant water, for the ECU.
This would lure the ECU that it -30 deg C instead of say -10 degC , and enrich enough.
But this is only to be used the first seconds, so you have to make a solution with a switching relay or something and control it manually.
There is a project going also to make a more automatic solution for this.
(Not always you who drive the car maybe... :wink: )

Författare:  E85855 [ tis 08-09-23 12:31 ]


i thought that the 232 cm3/min capacity are at 400 kPa and i got only 300 kPA. So i thought the capacity must be around 200 cm3 at 300 kpa with the 0 280 150 785. But i'm not sure.

Am i wrong?

Other injector suggestions? Nobody tried to convert the B5202 before?


Författare:  karlmb [ tis 08-09-23 12:37 ]

OK. This is another factor.
I suggest you to study this thread:

Many times the flowrate is given, but not @ what pressure...

Författare:  E85855 [ ons 08-09-24 08:26 ]

I got a copy here from the volvo dealermanual.

It says 232 cm3/min capacity at 400 kPa.

So what is right?


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