Bioethanol from whey(New technology)
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Författare:  Tysk [ sön 08-10-26 18:08 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Bioethanol from whey(New technology)

It took 18 months to develop a plant which able to produce bioethanol from whey(Müllermilch Germany).

The plant should produce 10 million liters of bioethanol a year.

Författare:  aryan [ sön 08-10-26 21:22 ]

Sounds good! This is what they do in Ireland as well: ... on-quotas/ ... 91640.html


Författare:  Tysk [ mån 08-10-27 17:52 ]

Very interesting links.
I thought that there is no other country producing bioethanol from whey.

Another news:
Austrian scientists are working on a process which will produce bioethanol from straw. Later on a pilot plant in Karlsruhe(Germay) should produce 150l bioethanol an hour.

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