first control box in Germany according to EU regulations
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Författare:  Volvo-Berti [ tor 08-10-30 14:36 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  first control box in Germany according to EU regulations

hej hej,

in Germany now the first control box according to the EU regulations 2004/104/EG becomes available. This box must not be notified to your insurance company neither registered into the cars papers!

one of the German problems, the "Allgemeine Betirebserlaubnis" (general type approval or general operating licence) for your car is not touched by it

Flex Energy is the developer, and the box could be bought at Schneider Mineralöl. e.g. :)

but actually i do not know any prices

Författare:  aryan [ tor 08-10-30 14:48 ]

Intresting! Have you seen this one too?


Författare:  Volvo-Berti [ tor 08-10-30 19:42 ]

thx for your reminder :) if have seen that some time ago..

the difference between these ones is, that the box from alcoholix still needs a registration in the car's papers. This is only possible with a specific exhaust certificate for every car :roll:

at last that means that the flex energy box does not touch any longer any regulations, i guess

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