E10 on sale in France
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Författare:  Ceyal35 [ sön 09-05-17 10:18 ]
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Since April this year, E10 is on sale in France where it is called SP95-E10 ; cost is slighly below the one of SP95 (0,03€)

Many Total/Elf petrol stations in the west part of France sell E10 together with EITHER SP98 (mainly Elf stations) OR SP95 (mainly Total Stations) OR both SP95/SP98. So very often, the price indicating posts state No price indication for missing the petrol type which is no more on sale (SP95 OR SP98) in the considered petrol station

As an exemple in Ille et Vilaine department, 30 Total/Elf petrol stations already deliver E10 while only 6 petrol stations (and 0 Total/Elf) have been delivering E85 :roll: for the last 2,5 years :roll:

Supermarket petrol stations (half of the petrol stations in France) up to now seldom sell E10 but are still with SP95 and SP98

From an administratrive standpoint, E10 is in accordance with EN228 with the exception of Ethanol up to 10% (or other oxygenated substitutes such as Methanol, ETBE, etc...)

Surprisingly, the E10 guaranteed octane rating is the one of EN228 that is to say 95 .. while the one of Ethanol is 129 .. so adding 10% Ethanol should significantly rise up the octane rating

For those of you reading French : more details in ... =21&t=1742


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