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InläggPostat: tor 15-04-02 13:26 

Blev medlem: mån 07-01-01 20:57
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Ort: Hindås ... pektiv.pdf

VTI (State research authority), lets ethanol-sceptic media (Lasse Swärd at DN), tell what to ask people in broad surveys about alternative fuels (instead only on the stakeholders involved; biogas, hydrogen, hybrids and electricity), and why they dont use them.
No specific questions in the survey about ethanol, only some "deep interviews" where the ordinary disformation (even from user manuals of the cars!) about clogging, engine wear etc is told by the drivers.

Its a shame really. And I payed for it.

But sooner or later news will reach also swedish politicians, maybe the diesel-era is over at least:

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InläggPostat: tor 18-02-15 02:05 

Blev medlem: lör 07-11-10 22:05
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Ort: Från
Some News from France at the beginning of 2018

1/ Now 1000 petrol stations are providing E85 ...
This represents depending on the regions between 10 and 15% of all petrol stations.
So we can go anywhere in the country and be sure to find E85.

2/ Taxes on E85 are kept low so ... the average price for a liter is now 0,7€ versus 1,40€ for SP95-E10.
Personnaly, where I live, I have to pay 0,56€ for a liter of E85.
FRom my standpoint, it should be the lowest price you can find in developed countries, cheaper than in the US or even in Brasil.

3/ At the end of 2017, France decided for an approval procedure for E85 piggybacksystems.
In short, those systems have to demonstrate that classic pollutants (CO, HC, NOx, PM, PN) are not increased.
However, those systems are not submitted to Euro Type6 tests at -7°C petrol and FFV cars should pass positively since 2011.
Similarly and in opposition with the approval procedure in the US, there is no aldehyde pollution test in France.
So It should not be that difficult to get a piggybacksystem approved.
More from ... -SD-NK.pdf

4/ 118 millions liters of E85 sold in 2017, representing +23% when compared with 2016 (2016 = +11% when comparing with 2015)
Most of that is burnt in Petrol cars because there are only 32000 FFV cars running in the country.

5/ Only 1061 FFV cars sold in 2016 and 746 in 2017 (most Golf Multifuel TSI 125)


PS: those of you reading French could get additional info from ... e-2017.pdf ... 300118.pdf

InläggPostat: tor 18-06-14 14:55 

Blev medlem: lör 06-12-23 09:31
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Thank you very much for the update on France. We now have 1025 (and counting) French fuel stations offering E85 in our database ... rch=+S%F6k

It is indeed very cheap too, I will for sure go on holiday in France and make use of you low priced E85 :-)

Very exiting news the new law on conversion kits, as soon as there are approved piggybacksystems I’d like to hear about that!

Best regards,

Komplettera gärna data om dit piggybacksystem här: och här viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6352

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